March 25, 2018

Mark 11.1-11

Holy Week is unlike any other week in the Church's year. It begins with what seems like a triumph on Palm Sunday.  Jesus is hailed as a celebrity in Jerusalem. But we know it doesn’t last long.  By Thursday of the week he is betrayed by one of his own.  He...

March 18, 2018

John 12.20-33

I’m not into pop music.  But there are some pop stars everybody knows, even me.  Their image is worth money to them.  So they worry about their image.  When Justin Bieber first became famous, he behaved like a spoiled brat.  That was his image.  But as he...

March 11, 2018

John 3.14-21

I will never forget one of my classmates at theological college.  He was from the Philippines.  In the course on preaching we were given the assignment of choosing a bible verse and writing a 5 minute sermon, and then preach it to the class.   My classmate...

March 4, 2018

John 2.13-22

I am not happy with the person who cleans my house.  He only shows up about once a month, if he feels like it; and when he does, he always has an excuse—‘I don't have time to do everything, I'll do it next time. I'll do it next week.’  When he dusts, if he...

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